True Friend

me n friend

All people around the world have known about friend. Friend or someone who close to you, and specially a friend always give you spirit to facing your problem. If someone have a friend they absolutely have attend and love to another who be their friend. There are two kind of friendship there are; true friend and friend.

Be a true friend is more than be a friend. Why? Because be a true friend is more close, more known, and more honesty than be friend. There are some factors to make a friend. The first factor is; when some one feel interested to other people. Second is when someone look that the person can help or some things you need is in they self. And the last is all the human in the earth is social creature. Many people in the world have many friends but at the moment many people who have a friend absolutely looking-for once of all friend who very closed, honesty, nice, and give attend to you. When you feel like this you felling is working to choose one to be your true friend who have same idea, felling, and more known and give attend to you.

The positive when you have a true friend is you can tell all of your problem to your friend then you can get a resolution to the problem, when you are down or have some trouble they can effort you to rise up or give you spirit to facing your mistake, and the last is you can make your live so happy or colorful with the sad, or happy moment. But above all the true friend always helps each other.

True friend is can not always be with. Because some of them are devoted by many reason. Marriage love is a word who can make you devoted, when you have a family you can give your and they attend to each family. But all moment who happened is can make a sweet memories to remember. So the true friend make a word :” If we are far away, but our friendship or true friend is never ending and tii the end of the time.”


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