Love you love against him.

In front of the people we love, our hearts will beat faster.

In front of the people we love, flowery in the season.

If we look in the eyes of the people we love, we will be stiff.

In front of the people we love, we become embarrassed.

When you LOVE someone, you’ll do anything for his happiness even if you have to sacrifice your soul.

When you LOVE someone and be on his side then you will be clutching his hand …

LOVE is when he is crying and you’re going to let him cry on your shoulder saying, “Let’s solve this problem together.

“Love is when you see it you’ll say,” For me he is the most beautiful gift God ever gave to me ..

“At the time of the person you love hurt you, you’re going to say, not what he just did not know what he was doing.

“When you LOVE him, you’ll always be waiting for him with a loyal and sincere … LOVE is that you do not think it will accompany him however you doing at the time.

LOVE is the thing that gives with true love.Love  in addressed to someone who we always remember and dream ..

Without it we will feel lonely and our souls with a heart full cintakan sincere reply to her although she never knew …

I dedicate this article to frisko …

although he never knew …

i still waiting …

Cherryl Adriana gariella




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